Utopia Camping Solutions

We are Utopia Camping – sustainable solutions for festivals and events.

Our services:
1. Collecting left behind camping equipment during and after the festival, as well collect personal items such as clothes, bags, shoes and more.
The equipment we sort, clean fix, and make it ready to reuse, with the useful equipment we work again in the next festivals, how?
2. We have an online shop where festival visitors can rent all the equipment they need for their favourite festival.
3. Provide sustainable accommodation for festivals visitors staff, VIP guests and team members.
Accommodation includes tents mattress sleeping bags camping chairs water containers LED tent lights and more.
4. We have DIY and Pre pitch services.
DIY -the customer is responsible to pick up the gear and he chooses where and when to set it up, at the end dismantle it and return to us.
Pre pitch – Utopia set everything us for the customer and responsible for the dismantling,
5. We have an onsite fully equipped camping shop where we rent and sell the same equipment we have just collected in previous festivals.
At the shop one can find anything from tents sleeping bags, batteries, flashlights, hygiene products, smoking accessories and other needed thigs for good camping experiences, together with clothes, shoes, sunglass, bags and more
6. At the shop we have a repair station where one can come and get his/her equipment fix, like air mattress, camping chair, tents, sleeping bag, get spear parts for tents.
7. The shop is as well a colleting point for equipment, we let everyone know that they can bring to us the equipment they don’t want to take home, we either buy it from them, trade it for something, or get it as a gift from them.
8. From the things we collect which are not usable we create new products such as bags, raincoats, wallets and more, we want to create things that the festival then after can sell to his customers and festival branded merchandise. Each festival has lots of these things.

In maximal drei Sätzen - was bedeutet die Corona Krise für euer Festival
We are out of business 100%, everything we worked for and plan during the winter will not happen in 2020, let's hope 2021 will happen.
Was wünscht ihr euch von der Politik?
To understand we have lost everything, we have heavy payments and debts that need to be paid. We need money to pay for our business and as well our private life this is the only income source for the last 9 years we have no other choice, finding a job in this days is not easy.

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